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    javagroups and network masks

    Vincent Newbie


      Is it possible to choose the IP range where JBOSS will search other JBOSS instances ? Can someone explain clearly what means the mcast_addr= in the javagroups configuration section of the default cluster-service.xml ? Documentation says to use this route :
      Destination :
      NetMask :
      Why ?


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          Vincent Newbie

          OK, I solved my problem.

          I have 2 servers with 2 network cards : 1 for the LAN, and 1 for a direct connection (crossed cable).
          Because my machines have a common virtual IP (Win 2k cluster), I got communication crashes.
          So I added the "bind_addr=XXXXXXX" attribute into the node (cluster-service.xml) to specify where listening JBOSS lookups, that is to say the interface used for direct link!