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    rich:dataTable client id is invalid

    Paul Sideleau Newbie

      I am using richfaces 3.0.1 on JBOSS 4.2.0 GA which uses the JSF 1.2 reference implementation. It appears that the client id for a rich:dataTable is not getting set correctly.

      For example:
      <h:messages globalOnly="false" />
      <a4j:form id="TestForm" ajaxSubmit="true">
      <rich:dataTable id="TestTable" var="entity" value="#{testList}">
      <h:outputLabel value="Name:" for="name" />
      <h:inputText id="name" style="width:200px" value="#{entity.name}" />

      The correct client id for my data table should be "TestForm:TestTable". Instead it is just "TestTable". However, if you rerender the table using AJAX, the client id correctly becomes "TestForm:TestTable". This problem does not occur if I use an earlier version of JBOSS with myfaces 1.1.5

      Is this a bug or I am just doing something wrong?

      Thank you.