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    Clustered app config data? Best approach?

    Del Simmons Newbie

      Hey guys.. Sorry for the newbie question. I have a J2EE app right now that uses some basic config data to provide some SOAP interfaces. I am currently running it on seperate instances of Tomcat. I'm considering moving the whole thing to JBoss for the use of the clustering services. The config data set is not very large and is currently stored in a set of XML files. I'll probably be consolidating that to one XML file shortly. I am trying to avoid the use of an RDBMS as the volume of data just doesn't warrent the additional complexity.

      I would like to utilize some preexisting clustering layer (not write a javagroups implementation myself) that would allow me to have a mechnism for updates to this config data to be propogated to other machines in the cluster. Does anyone have suggestions about the best mechanism for providing the update capability across a set of servers?

      I have purchased the cluster docs, but have not found an answer. As I'm not using the clustering for the usual stuff, just this simple issue, I was hoping someone might set me on the right path before I waste too much time.