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    where am i wrong

    Volkan Yildiz Newbie

      I can't understand whre am i wrong. The nodes (both) say that "Number of cluster members : 1". I could not menage to connect them on the same channel. I think something is wrong with my PartitionProperties.

      Please help,...

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          Volkan Yildiz Newbie

          In this way i am usung jboss3.0.0 and redhat 7.3.
          i get something like this:

          in fact,


          17:41:56,281 INFO [BS4CPartition] Number of cluster members: 1
          17:42:04,290 INFO [BS4CPartition:ReplicantManager] mergemembers
          17:42:04,291 INFO [ClusterPartition] Started ClusterPartition: BS4CPartition
          17:42:04,291 INFO [ClusterPartition] Started
          17:42:04,292 INFO [FarmMemberService] Starting
          17:42:04,293 INFO [FarmMemberService] Started
          17:42:04,293 INFO [HASessionStateService] Starting
          17:42:04,293 INFO [HASessionStateService] Started
          17:42:04,294 INFO [HANamingService] Starting
          17:42:04,310 INFO [HANamingService] Listening on
          17:42:04,313 INFO [HANamingService$AutomaticDiscovery] Listening on /
          17:42:04,313 INFO [HANamingService] Started
          17:42:04,314 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] Starting
          17:42:04,315 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] Started

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            David Tauzell Newbie

            Have you verified that multicast is working in your environment? The javagroups jar contains some test programs to check if multicast is working. I can't remember the exact syntax, but if you go to the javagroups web site it is posted in the documentation there.

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              Volkan Yildiz Newbie

              OK. I solved the problem by using jboss-3.0.6 instead of 3.0.0.Now everything are wirking perfectl. Thank You for your interest.

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                Robin Newbie

                Hi volkanyildiz
                I use jboss-3.0.6 but I fail in setting session replication using UDP so I plan to use TCP now.
                Can you give my some examples to use TCP in cluster-service.xml.
                Thanks advance