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    HA-JNDI and JNDI help

    mousecat Newbie

      I am very new at Jboss and application server and hope somebody can help me with this navie question:

      If I deploy a EJB on 2 server nodes, I know the home stub of this EJB will be uploaded to local JNDI servers on each of thw 2 nodes at the deployment time. What information will be included in the 2 HA-JNDI servers with respect to this EJB during the deploymenttime? Do they also include the home stub?? What happend to HA-JNDI servers and what information will included if the clients make a lookup() call?

      I am getting very confused

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          Sacha Labourey Master

          I can understand why you are confused: simply take a better look a the HA-JNDI lookup process in the clustering doco.

          You will see that in fact, for beans, *nothing* at all is stored in HA-JNDI. What is used, are not the replication capabilities of ha-jndi, but the lookup-strategy it uses => HA-JNDI will also lookup the local (or remote) JNDI services and thus find the home proxy.