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    Changes in 3.2.x

    H.-C.Gürsoy Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      can i find somethere a list of things changed from the 3.0.x tree to 3.2.x concerning clustering?
      In one thread Sacha has written some things about changed behavior of the proxy during failover, but i can't find that posting.
      But, the most important thing: can i use the configurations files which i have used for 3.0.6 or have they changed?


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          Sacha Labourey Master


          Yes, the main difference is that the proxy are smarted i.e. all homes/remotes for the same target bean share the same list of targets and share the same load-balancing algorithm. Thus, for example, if you always refresh your proxy (home.create() for each call), you will really load-balance your calls and not always end-up using the same target.

          Another available feature is the cache-invalidation framework.