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    bean not bound error message in Cluster

    Matteo Newbie

      Hi to all.

      I have this problem with this kind of jboss clustering configuration.

      I have a node S, belonging to the DefaultPartition, with a deployed session
      bean 'beanS'. Bean beanS is not clustered (exists only on S) and it tries to make a
      lookup to a clustered session bean 'beanCLUSTERED', deployed on all other nodes
      except than S. During the lookup phase of beanCLUSTERED made by beanS I received a

      beanCLUSTERED not bound

      error inside jboss running on S and containing beanS.

      How can I do to obtain the following behaviour:

      - a generic bean collects a request on a server S to delegate some work to a
      different bean NOT EXISTING ON S but on other nodes ot the cluster?

      Thanks in advance