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    HAPartition sample code?

    Avi Drissman Newbie

      I'm looking to write an MBean that's replicated and coordinates with other instances of itself using an HAPartition. Chapter 9 of the clustering PDF states:

      "If you have developed clustered services (MBEANs, etc.) that are very stable, you should most probably install a new HAPartition for your own usage and leave the default one for JBoss clustering features."

      But chapter 8 says:

      "You do not directly built an instance of a HAPartition. Instead you use an MBEAN definition (or equivalent)."

      It then goes on to discuss the HAPartition methods, but provides no sample code.

      I'm rather lost. How do I create a clustered MBean using an HAPartition? How do I create my own HAPartition? I looked at the JBoss source but didn't find anything similar to what I wanted to do. Is there any sample code out there?