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    Problem redeploying in a farm

    Luiz-Otavio Zorzella Newbie


      I successfully set up a farmed cluster with 2 Nodes (say A & B). If my ear file is not deployed in either, I can just copy it to the "farm" folder in A, and that gets deployed in both.

      But if I try to redeploy my app by simply copying a newer EAR file on top of the old (like I used to do without the farm), the cluster gets confused.

      To the best of my guessing:

      - Node A starts undeploying the old EAR,
      - Node A starts deploying the new,
      - Node A sends a message to the cluster
      - Node B gets the message and starts undeploying it as well.
      - Node A gets a message from the bus telling it undeploy the EAR file, and it undeploys the *new* EAR file it was just beginning to deploy...

      I scoured the fora, but found no one else complaining, so I wonder if I did something wrong... Any help???