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    Tree with OneToMany entities

    Danijel Jevtic Novice

      Hi there,
      I am contemplating about moving away from tomahawk's tree2 component and using richfaces' tree component. Currently I use t:tree2 with a4j:form which works fine for ajax rendering.
      Even though I have managed to get the richfaces tree component working I can only fill it completely when I use eager loading of my related entities. When using lazy loading I cannot expand the node (because isLeaf returns true). I don't want to make my entities implement the TreeNode functions because that would be just a little toooo much glue between the layers ;-)
      Simple example would be a Category entity that has a OneToMany relationship to itself.
      Is anybody out there using a TreeModel that supports lazy loading of entities (e.g. similar to tomahawk's TreeModel or trinidad's ChildPropertyTreeModel?