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    Step by step jboss clustering

    Jayakumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      Pls, can any one send me the step by step jboss clustering setup process for jboss 3.0.6. If any one having good document on jboss clustering pls send it to balan_av@yahoo.com.

      Thanks in advan.



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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          The best starting point is to buy a copy of the JBoss clustering documentation, it will probably answer most of your questions to get you started.

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            rf360 Newbie

            the jboss clustering document seems to make sense, but in pratice i can't get it to work. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a step-by-step process for getting clustering to work on JBoss. You just have to guess until it works.

            If JBoss would put out detailed instructions on how to do everything, written by professional writer, I think JBoss would then be first rate.

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              ranjithpillai Newbie

              Hi ,

              Please see my thread http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t= I gave step by step instructions for running Jboss instances in a single box.

              Ranjith Pillai.

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                null null Newbie

                Hai Ranjith,
                I followed your step-by-step instructions given to configure 2 instances on the same machine. While I'm trying to access the jsps, some warning messages are getting printed like No Tx support for findByPrimaryKey, setSession and all.Can we ignore these warnings? Then I tried to pass a String variable to the next jsp where it uses a set method to set the value after look up. This time I got a Non-serializable attribute exception. Then I added implements Serializable to the relevant classes and proceeded. This time, I got a servlet exception and the root cause as Out of Memory Error. Also an info message socket is closed is getting printed. When I tried to specify url in the jndi properties, server1:1100, server2:1100, it's directly looking up the second one ignoring the first one. Same problems I'm facing even if I run the instances on different machines.

                Can you please suggest how to proceed and where I'm configuring incorrectly?