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    HAPartition membership change behavior

    Weiqing Huang Newbie

      i registered a membership change listener with my HAPartition. when i started a 2nd jboss server, my first jboss server will get 3 notifications (instead of just one as i was expecting):

      (ENG-28616 is the new node)

      dead = [] new = [ENG-28616:1537] all = [dnali2ktestpc:2585, ENG-28616:1537]

      dead = [] new = [ENG-28616:1543] all = [dnali2ktestpc:2585, ENG-28616:1537, ENG-28616:1543]

      dead = [ENG-28616:1537] new = [] all = [dnali2ktestpc:2585, ENG-28616:1543]

      this was also confirmed by the partition logging with 3 new cluster view changes and another line like this in between:
      Suspected member: ENG-28616:1537

      at the end, the cluster view seems to be correct (2 nodes). but why was there this intermediate extra node on the same machine?