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    Farm deployment on JBoss 3.2

    Martin Renner Newbie


      I configured a xa datasource in a file "deploy/db2-xa-ds.xml".

      When I start JBoss and afterwards copy an EAR with an entity bean into the "farm" directory, the deployment works fine.

      However, when I start JBoss with the EAR already in the "farm" directory, I get a DeploymentException from the EntityContainer: It complains that it cannot find the datasource (javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: XaAgvDs not bound).

      I think that the problem is the start order of the services:

      farm-service.xml (which deploys the files found in "farm" (my EAR)) is getting started before transaction-service (which IMHO binds my datasource to the JNDI).

      How can I startup JBoss with my EARs already in the "farm" directory without getting exceptions?