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    Cache Invalidation Bridge deploy error

    Greg Newbie


      I'm trying to cluster some BMP Entity beans without success.

      JBoss 3.2.1, Java 1.4.1_02, Windows 2000

      The beans work fine when I drop the .ear into the "all" deploy directory.

      If I go through the clustering doco, and try to follow the instructions then I receive errors as JBoss starts up. It's complicated, but I'll try to document the steps/changes i've done.

      1. Edited standardjboss.xml. Edited the "Clustered BMP EntityBean" configuration:
      a) <instance-cache>org.jboss.ejb.plugins.InvalidableEntityInstanceCache</instance-cache>
      b) org.jboss.cache.invalidation.triggers.EntityBeanCacheBatchInvalidatorInterceptor added to end of interceptor list.

      2. jboss.xml. Added <configuration-name>Clustered BMP EntityBean</configuration-name> and <cache-invalidation>True</cache-invalidation> within the element.

      The next two changes are what I'm not clear on. I think I need to edit both the deploy\cache-invalidation-service.xml file and the deploy\cluster-service.xml file. A change to either/both files results in an error.

      The comments in the cache-invalidation-service.xml file say: "Uncomment if you want to activate the cache invalidation mechanism accross nodes using the JMS bridge".

      However, if I do this, I receive an error because the InvalidationBridge is also defined ( i think ?) at the end of the cluster-service.xml file.

      What do I need to edit to get past this point?

      My next task will be to work out how to plug into the cache invalidation service since i'm using BMP, but for now, what files do I need to edit for JBoss to startup correctly?


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          can you please show the exception you get?



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            Greg Newbie

            It's working now, very cool. Well done.

            I've tested various combinations of calls to the BMP Entity Beans and ejbLoad is being correctly called on, say, Machine B, when Machine A receives an update.

            The clustering capability opens up a number of projects to us that we can now approach, i.e. where clustering is a mandatory customer specified capability.

            I think I was getting errors when I'd uncommented the duplicate definitions of the jboss.cache:service=InvalidationBridge that seems to be defined in both of:
            a) cache-invalidation-service.xml, and
            b) cluster-service.xml

            In my current working configuration, I have left the InvalidationBridge service commented out in cache-invalidation-service.xml.

            I may also have received errors on startup of JBoss when I'd forgotten to make sure that all machines in the cluster were not configured identically, but can't seem to reproduce this error again.

            Question: Which InvalidationBridge definition does JBoss recommend is used from the two above mentioned files?

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              Greg Newbie

              ...don't worry about my last question.

              I re-read the manual (RTFM) and found the section describing the difference between the two invalidation bridge choices.

              JMS -> async
              Java Groups -> synchronous

              + the various other differences.