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    a little specific

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      a little specific (I think the first one have a problem, )
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      hi all,my problem may seem a little specific. I have partiton (say PARTITION-A) and 3 node ( say NODE-1, NODE-2, NODE-3) on same network. When i first construct the structure, NODE-1 and NODE-2 was in same city and on a LAN. I that time everything were OK. Now i carry out NODE-2 to another city and NODE-3 to a village in the same city. My queu for HAPartition is NODE-3, Node2, Node1. When i start the application, NODE-1 start.If i close the NODE-1 and restart the application, NODE-2 in action.It is OK up to now but i have following problems,

      1) When i working in the same city on LAN, nodes now each other and when the other become active it say,
      New cluster view: 0 ([node1:node1Port],[node1:node1Port] )
      [ClusterPartition] Starting channel
      [MyPartition] Number of cluster members: 1
      [MyPartition] Other members: 0
      [ClusterPartition] Started ClusterPartition: MyPartition
      Amin, they listen each other but now, there is no similar response

      2) It is ok that , when i active node (NODE-1 fir example) and restart the application, NODE-1 in action but if i don't restart it gives me socet exception. But i think dispatcher must change the node without any exception to client.

      Any help , please...