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    field not initialized with stateful session

    Albin Carpentier Newbie


      The attach file is a test of a StatefulSessionBean (HelloWorld) where the HelloWorldEJB class extends HelloWorldImp class. HelloWorldImp is an abstract class and have two field, one protected, and one public.

      When i run this test in a single jboss : no problem.
      If i run this test with two jboss in cluster :
      sometimes, after the create, the call of method is transfered on the second jboss. But during the transfert from jboss1 to jboss2, i lose value of field containing in HelloWorldImp :

      JBoss1 > HelloWorldEJB.HelloWorldEJB()
      JBoss1 > HelloWorldEJB.setSessionContext() - null - null - null - null
      JBoss1 > HelloWorldEJB.ejbCreate()

      JBoss2 > HelloWorldEJB.HelloWorldEJB()
      JBoss2 > HelloWorldEJB.setSessionContext() - null - null - null - null
      JBoss2 > HelloWorldEJB.setSessionContext() - null - null - test - test
      JBoss2 > hi() - null - null - test - test

      where the first and the second "null" are fields of HelloWorldImpl.
      Why i lose fields of HelloWorldImpl ? A SessionBean must not extends an abstract class ?