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    JBoss Clustering

    Geetha Newbie

      We are presently working on JBoss3.2 and we need to have a study on Clustering on JBoss.

      Have anybody worked on JBoss Clustering?

      Could you please help me in configuring my nodes? I’ve already made few nodes of a partition on windows2000 environment. These nodes are recognizing each other while we start up the server on these nodes.

      Now, I need to make these nodes accessible through a single URL. We don’t know how to do it. Could you please tell me whether I need any proxy server for this or JBoss server itself can act as a proxy?

      If I don’t need a proxy server, how to configure these nodes for a single URL? (What are things to be configured?)

      I’ve got the clustering book from JBoss. But it doesn’t answer any of my above questions.

      At present our application is not on clusters. However, we are planning to go for clusters in coming days. For this, I am trying to make a study about the feasibility and the problems we would face.

      Our application is a complete J2EE application. We are using struts framework. This is a B2B application.

      Since we are new to JBoss, we need to explore the possibilities and problems in clustering our application.

      All we are planning to do is, run a sample application on partitions/clusters and record the problems faced and solutions for those while making clusters.

      I don't have any problems with number of machines as we are a very big team and I can use as many machines as I want for this study.

      It would be a great help if somebody can throw some light on it.


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          yes, it is in the clustering documentation: check the chapter on Apache + mod_jk2 settings for example.



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            Kevin Newbie


            I don't see how this is going to help for those that don't want to use Apache + mod_jk2. What is needed is some solid information on things like using a single IP through a load balancer (hardware) to balance the load between nodes in a partition. Maybe a real-world example of JBoss in a clustered enterprise environment?

            I would also argue that the docs are not complete in this manner. I think the docs need more examples of how it works in a non-web environment, such as a Swing or applet using RMI can connect to a single IP that is then balanced behind that ip in a partition of nodes.

            Specifically, we have some clients that are not willing to open up several ports. Thus, our Swing client becomes useless in load balancing through the smart-proxy approach due to not being able to have multiple ips available. So how do we utilize a hardware load balancer of sorts to allow a single IP to be used?

            Perhaps an addendum for both Jetty and Tomcat with more specific details on each is in order as well. The docs are not detailed for each container for session fail-over. In general I have the idea, and I am sure others do. But more detail on each would greatly increase the documentation's worth.

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              Geetha Newbie

              > yes, it is in the clustering documentation: check the
              > chapter on Apache + mod_jk2 settings for example.
              > Cheers,
              > sacha

              Could you please point out me to some step-by-step process to make nodes talking to each other?

              I've got Apache too with me.

              I am struggling in configuring for clusters. Please help.


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                ged Newbie

                Well, I used the JBoss clustering documentation but there they suggested that I should use mod_jk2 which I did not! The configuration files in my version of the cluster docs doesn't even work with jk2, so I turned to jk and it almost works as I want it.

                Now the only problem I have is that when I put in my web.xml the webapp stops working. Actually I get two versions of errors. On my win2k computer I can't even get to the login page of my webapp.

                On my RH9 computer I can login, and everything works except one feature of the app. Very frustrating. And if I remove the tag everything works. I can go via apache and get directed to the two computer, but the session replication doesn't work.

                So I would be very very happy if someone could give me a pointer or maybe if someone has solved the problem! No errormsgs are to be seen too, so that makes it harder to know what the problem is.