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    Farming issue: "FileNotFoundException" & "found no method na

    chris_n_buckley Newbie

      I am trying to set up the farming configuration in jboss 3.2.1 on an XP machine/win2K, as to my knowledge, the "all" configuration has clustering/farming already set-up (minus you need to change loopback="true" in the javagroups config...). The clustering appears to be working just fine, the output from the console indicates when a server comes up and goes down, displays who is in the cluster (I assume this is good, as there are no other errors traces or dumps to the console). My error seems to be when I try to deploy accross the cluster.

      I have node 1 that I am deploying the .war too (the farmer /) and it will deploy locally, however it is throwing the error FileNotFoundException ... (Access is Denied), and on node2 it is sending to the console, found no method name farmDeploy in org.jboss.ha.framework.server.FarmMemberService.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance