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    need to set JNP_PARTITION for HA jndi lookup?

    Weiqing Huang Newbie

      i have 2 clustered jboss servers (3.2.1). from one server i do a HA jndi look up to find a bean hosted only in another server. i followed the instruction for creating the properties for InitialContext. however the lookup failed. the stacktrace showed that HA jndi lookup was not used at all.

      i then read the class NamingContext and figured out that maybe i needed to set NamingContext.JNP_PARTITION to DefaultPartition. with the new setting, my lookup is now working.

      is the setting required? btw, if the client is a standalone client (not running in another jboss server), then without setting the property, the lookup would work already as illustrated in the document.

      thanx in advance.