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    Load balancing / failover and configuration for InitialConte

    David Budworth Newbie

      Hello all,

      In developing my application (a series of MBean services to be accessed from remote clients over RMI), I've been having several issues getting load balancing / fail over to happen.

      I have the pay for documentation, but it doesn't seem to answer any of my issues.

      First off, this is a 3 machine cluster, running JBoss 3.2.2RC1 (because 3.2.1 gets service failures 5/6 times with > 2 machines)

      First, I found that if my JNDI properties are:

      3 machines, test app running on one of the app servers

      When I create a new InitialContext and perform a lookup, it will:
      1) connect to localhost:1099 even though I specified partition and no url
      2) All calls to lookup will go to localhost only, no load balancing
      3) I kill localhost server, next lookup throws a socket exception
      4) next lookup logs a stacktrace due to not being able to connect to localhost:1099 (but doesnt throw exception), but then discovers partition and starts to load balance.

      Same as above, but if I start with jboss disabled on test machine, it will just log warning and act normally (balance/failover)

      Now, if I specificly set
      java.naming.provider.url="" (blank string)
      everything seems to work perfectly

      My so I'm wondering, did i just miss the docs somewhere that says you need to set the URL to blank? or should I be filing a bug report?

      Also, i've seen that sometimes, I get a string tokenizer error in removeServer (no next token type thing) when I kill a server. But, at the moment i'm unable to re-produce that (changed so many things while trying to figure this all out).

      Hope that made sense,
      -david budworth