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    HA JNDI and Multi-homed machine

    Mark Lassiter Newbie

      In clustering-service.xml, I have specified both the RmiPort and Port for the HANamingService.

      I have specified the RmiPort as 21111 and the Port as 21100.

      I also specified the BindAddress to the appropriate interface.

      The server starts up, but a netstat shows that it bound 21100 to the interface specified and 21111 to *.

      The problem is, we are bringing this server up in a cluster and when the other servers attempt to connect to 21111 they fail as they attempt to connect to the externally facing interface, something not possible in our environment.

      Likewise, I can't seem to specify a bind address for 24444, our RMIObjectPort.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.