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    Help with clustered MBeans

    Michael Daleiden Newbie

      I've read (and re-read) the Clustering doco and cannot fathom how to set things up so that the following scenario works:

      I have a set of MBeans that provide services for my application. I would like to deploy these MBeans on multiple servers (for load-balancing and failover). I do not want to set them up as singletons, but I do want one and only one MBean to be utilized per request (e.g., no callMethodOnCluster()). I also would like to have the invocations of the MBeans load-balanced (any flavor is fine) and fault-tolerant (so that if a server goes down, the invocation of the service is routed to another server).

      I am thinking that there is a way to do this using HARMI, but I can't seem to wrap my brain around what to do on the server side to set up HARMI for each of the MBeans, and I also can't fathom how to set up the client (application) side to use HARMI.

      It is important to note that I cannot use EJBs for the implementation of these services, as they are very multi-threaded. I could use EJBs to front-end the MBeans on each server, but I was wondering if there is another mechanism that might eliminate the need for EJBs.

      Any and all help is appreciated!