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    dynamic routing question

    Steve Stallion Newbie

      apologies if this is a repeat post, but after 30 mins or so of browsing backlogs, i havent come across this topic, so here goes:

      ive been using resin's session clustering for some time now. while it doesnt support multicast addressing, it does seem to have dynamic routing.

      i may be using an incorrect term here, so allow me to explain:

      assuming that you have a simple cluster setup (2 web servers, 3 application servers, and a stateless hardware load balancer in front), it is a given that you may never hit a single application server consistently since sessions are only sticky between the webserver and application server.

      however, resin has a nifty trick that allows the webserver (via mod_caucho or part of the srun protocol perhaps) to automagically redirect you to the appropriate application server regardless of what webserver you are currently on; the advantages to this are pretty apparent.

      fast-forward to present day. i am finishing up porting our application to jboss/jetty and am now dealing with our clustering setup. using the example above (but on a much larger scale), is it possible to have this type of routing using jboss clustering? if not, is there a possible workaround i could use while still maintaining HA?

      thanks in advance,