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    Can't set Tomcat's useDirtyFlag for HttpSession clustering

    Stan Silvert Master

      I am running JBoss/Tomcat and I have HttpSession replication working (hooray!!).

      However, the session will only replicate if I do a setAttribute or removeAttribute on the session. If I change an object that is already bound to the session, it will not replicate.

      I need the session to replicate with every request.

      After some digging, I found out that Tomcat has a setting called "useDirtyFlag" that takes care of this. You just set it to false and it replicates with each request. My only problem is that I can't figure out how to set this Tomcat parameter in JBoss.

      Here is a link to an explanation of Tomcat's cluster-server.xml file. It tells about the "useDirtyFlag".

      Does anyone know how to get JBoss/Tomcat to use this setting?

      Thanks in advance for your help,