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    load-balance polices

    Rafal Kedziorski Novice


      in the latest (2003-08-03) payed clustering documentation on page 37 listing 5-5 and 5-6 shows how poxies works.

      Now my question. We workinf with JBoss 3.2.2RC2 and 3.2.2RC4 and start to develop an application which will run on a JBoss cluster. We want to user Round-Robin. Our Client is the web container, which uses the business logic implemented in app server.

      Browse --call to Web-Container--> Web-Container --call to App-Server--> App-Server

      Our service locator will cache the remote interfaces of our session beans facades. That means, that on each call to a method on facade, we would create a new proxy (Remote myRemote = myHome.create()). That means, that the one call to the method goes every time to the same node in our partition, cause the calls are not load-balanced.

      What will be the soulution.