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    Netscape Enterprise Server

    kiranvuppala Newbie

      Does NES work with JBoss?? i.e I want to use NES running on a different machine to act as a WebServer...

      If..YES....then how do I configure it??

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          lblacksh Newbie

          Yes, I was able to get it working. You need libpassthrough plugin. I added the following lines to the magnus.conf

          Init fn="load-modules" shlib="/whereever/lib/libpassthrough.so" funcs="init-passthrough,auth-passthrough,check-passthrough,service-passthrough" NativeThread="no"

          Init fn="init-passthrough"

          In obj.conf
          ---add the following "Object Name" before the "Object name=default"

          ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/passthrough"
          PathCheck fn="deny-existence" path="*/WEB-INF/*"
          Service-type="magnus-internal/passthrough" fn="service-passthrough" servers="htt
          Error reason="Bad Gateway" fn="send-error" uri="$docroot/badgateway.html"

          -- add just after the "Object name=default"

          NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="(/jboss.war/*|jboss/*)" name="passthrough"
          NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="(*.jsp)" name="passthrough"

          What this will do is pass and jboss or jsp files on to the jboss/jetty server.