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    Incorrect failover logic in JRMPInvokerProxyHA.java???

    Pete Whitney Newbie

      Assume you have 3 servers in a cluster. On your first invocation the invocation fails and the completion status = COMPLETED_NO but the failure was non definative.

      This results in no change to the cluster elements and a reset of the cluster view. The reset likely causes the second invocation to the same server that handled the first unless you are using a RandomRobin load balancer.

      First is the above correct?

      If so wouldn't it be better to leave the cluster view untouched so that failover moves to a different server?

      Lastly, where are the GenericClusteringExceptions generated from.

      Any help is appreciated.

      FYI, the item that is generating this request is that in my environment I am getting "Service unavailable" exceptions with n servers in a cluster, but only one of them is busy.