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    Does anyone know what causes a server to drop out of the clu

    Pete Whitney Newbie

      I have three Jboss instances in a cluster. One deployed on Solaris, one on Win2K, and one on WinNT. All three are jboss instances release 3.2.1. The servers come up. All enter the cluster. All perform work in the cluster.

      At random points the WinNT machine drops out of the cluster forcing a server restart. I do have the loopback
      variable set to true in the cluster-server.xml file, and the media sense functionality turned off on the Win2K

      We do not believe that there are any network related problems causing this drop out.

      The drop out has occurred both under load and under no load.

      Is there something in the javagroups protocol specification that needs to be changed?

      Are there known bugs with the 3.2.1 clustering functionality?

      Any help is greatly appreciated!