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    Cluster setup ?

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      I am a dummy in JBoss Cluster. I tried to run JBoss3.2.1 in Win machine and a Linux machine, but it seems not worked. In the Redhat9 machine, it just display some exception(something is like no sense on device, etc). But the Win machine is no problem.

      In fact, I changed nothing in those configuration files but start the JBoss as "run.sh -c all" in Linux and "run.bat -c all" in Win machine.

      Do I need to modify something before running the JBoss?

      I saw some IP in the cluster-service.xml?

      <UDP mcast_addr="" mcast_port="45566"
      ip_ttl="64" ip_mcast="true"
      mcast_send_buf_size="150000" mcast_recv_buf_size="80000"
      ucast_send_buf_size="150000" ucast_recv_buf_size="80000"
      loopback="false" />

      As in above, I paste from the cluster-service without modification. What is the IP Do I need to change it, how what should I change ?

      The following is my home computer network:

      +------+ +---------+
      |Linux |-------------------------| WinXP |
      +------+ +---------+

      Linux IP:
      WinXP IP:
      Subnet mask:

      How can I setup the JBoss cluster if I want to use Clustering? Do I need any other software to assit?

      Please teach me, thanks a lot!

      Best regards,

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          The actual exception would be nice.

          Make sure you have added the route for multcast on the Linux box.

          To do this, assuming defaults:
          $ route add -net netmask dev eth0

 is the multicast address to which traffic is sent. Any box running with that same address and on the same LAN, will communicate with it. Do not confuse this with your IP address.


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            Eric Chow Apprentice

            Hi Mike,

            It works fine after adding the route.

            But I found another problem.

            If I use modem to dialup to the Internet, there will be a ppp0 interface. If I startup the JBoss after the ppp0 established, the JBoss server can't be CLUSTERing with other JBoss servers that locate in different machine.

            But if I startup the JBoss prior the dialup ppp connection, it works FINE !!!

            Would you please to teach me how I can solve it?