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    2 JBOSS instances loose connectivity-> sessions replication

    Pedro Salazar Newbie


      I would like to provide a solution of jboss in cluster. However, I would like to understand its behaviour when the jboss instances loose connectivity between them.

      The sessions are replicated in every instances for high availability due a possible failure. But, in case of loosing connectivity between them what would happen to the session management?

      Each jboss instance will assume itself as the only machine in cluster. So, if I have load balancing requests, the sessions on each them could loose the coherence!!

      Anyone could explain what would happen or what could be prevent this?

      I'm thinking to have two interface networks in each jboss instance. One would be to connect them to the network and other would be to connect all of them.

      BTW: how to configure the cluster to use only one network interface for clustering discovery?

      Pedro Salazar.