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    Jboss-3.2.1_Tomcat-4.1.24 server stoppage problem

    rkramanan Newbie

      Hi All,

      We are using a fairly complex application and I'm facing a problem in the Clustered JBoss and Tomcat integrated version. After 4-5 hours of running the application, the requests are not served by the application server. Even the login page of our application does not work. The same results exist when we try to directly access JBoss through 8080 port. There is no error message displayed in the JBoss console. When we check for the locks in database it is ok.

      Below placed is the configuration and deployment details:
      OS: Linux - Ret Hat 7.3
      Web server: Apache 1.3.27
      Application Server: JBoss-3.2.1-Tomat-4.1.24
      JDK: SUN 1.4.0_02
      DB: Oracle 9i

      Cluster configuration and deployment details:

      1. 4 nodes running on Linux are being used. 2 with Apache and the other 2 with Jboss.

      2. Hardware Load-balancer is in place. In JBoss, HttpSession replication is enabled with 'Instant' replication.

      3. Sticky session is enabled and the connector used is AJP13. Software load-balancing is achieved using mod_jk.

      In workers.properties, the port # for both the workers have been set to 8009. Does this cause any problem or should the port# be UNIQUE for each workers?

      Did any of you experience similar kind of problem?

      Kindly let me know your inputs/comments in this regards.

      Thanks in advance,