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    EAR, embedded cluster service and LinkageError

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      JBoss 3.0.x comes with a cluster-service.xml service, in deploy folder. This file is not interesting for me. So I removed it.

      Now, I deploy in JBoss 2 EAR
      Each of them contains a SAR file, which is a cluster service (each cluster service as its own configuration).

      Everything is working fine on my cluster partitions (I developped a distributed cache).
      Now, I would like to cluster EJB. So I add the tag in jboss.xml
      And it doesn't work !

      I get the following error :
      17:53:17,203 ERROR [MainDeployer] could not start deployment: file:/C:/jboss-dev/server/all/tmp/deploy/server/all/deploy/silotrace.ear/23.silotrace.ear-contents/silotrace.jar
      java.lang.LinkageError: Class org/jboss/ha/framework/interfaces/HAPartition violates loader constraints

      (silotrace.jar contains EJB and deployment files)
      There is the same error on linux.

      Now, if I re-add the file cluster-service.xml removed later on this machine, no problem.

      I tryed to add directly in my EAR jossha.jar (in application.xml), but it doesn't change anything, it doesn't work.
      If I extract my cluster service in deploy folder, it works

      What to do if I want my cluster service in my EAR, without having another cluster service in deploy folder ?