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    JBoss Clustering BUG !!!

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      When I tried to test JBoss Clustering. I found the following problem :

      I open 2 browsers to load a same JSP page.
      Sometimes both of them will get the same session ID.

      It will happens when:

      1. open two browser and load a same page in each browser as FAST as you can.

      2. ====> it will get the SAME session ID with the same server !!!!!!

      My Platform:

      JBoss3.2.2 in Redhat9 and WinXP
      Apache2.0.48 + mod_jk2.0.2 in WinXP (Load Balancer)
      JDK 1.4.2

      Linux PC:
      320Mb RAM
      Intel Celeron 400mhz

      WinXP PC:
      Intel 4 2.66G mhz
      513Mb RAM

      I load the page in WinXP.

      Please have a try.