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    HARMIServerImpl_Stub and bug 832561 which will be fixed in 3

    David Budworth Newbie

      re: [ 832561 ] NoSuchMethodException when HAJNDI joins cluster

      I was wondering where this change was actually made and if it is in CVS already.

      The bug with HARMIServerImpl_Stub either not being found, or not having a default constructor pops up for me about 7 out of 10 starts of jboss.

      Our production systems have to start jboss and watch the logs for the exceptions during startup then repeatedly kill/restart jboss untill it starts up clean.

      I'd like to back port this change to 3.2.2 for my company. As it is, it can take us upwards of 10 minutes to bounce a jboss instance due to this error happening so often.

      Problem only occurs (for me at least) on SMP machines, so it may not effect most people.

      If backporting wouldn't be possible (due to major re-designs in the affected areas) maybe someone could give me a clue as to where to start looking for the problem. Or even a workaround if one exists.