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    Find instances in a JBoss 3.2.2 cluster

    alfnav Newbie


      I have started working with the features of clustering of JBoss and I have a problem. I am running 2 instances of JBoss 3.2.2 in the same machine (XP) correctly configured in different ports. Then, I have created a partition to put both in a cluster and both instances start fine but one does not find the other.
      The interesting thing is when I am using a test program from JavaGroups to test the multicast functionality, when the message is sent, both instances "weak up" and discover the other. For me this is a little bit strange and I don't know if it is related with some configuration issues of JavaGroups.

      Some help will be appreciated as soon as possible, because we are intending to use JBoss in our company running in a cluster and I would like to test some other features. One thing more, after one has discovered the other, the HA-JNDI works fine and I can execute any EJB.

      Best regards,

      Alfredo Navarro