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    Load balancing and many partitions

    hasop Newbie


      I want use this architecture :
      1 Apache instance with load-balancing (mod_jk) and many partitions of 2 nodes (each node is one instance of JBoss on disctinct server).
      I want use the clustering only for HTTP Session replication.

      If a client is connected on the node 1 of the partition 1 and this node crashes, am I sure that the load-balancing redirects the connection to the node 2 of the partition 1 and not to a node of another partition ?
      I must use a special configuration of mod_jk to force the redirection to another node of the same partition ?

      Thank you for help

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          JK just uses AJP to communicate with Tomcat - and is not aware of HTTP session clustering or JBoss partitions. Define your JK groups/channels to match your Tomcat partitions/instances.

          Partition A has nodes A1 and A2
          Partition B has nodes B1 and B2

          In JK configure a group each for partitions A and B. Then define channels for A1, A2 and make them a member of group A. Likewise for B.

          Map application for partition A to group A, by its URI. Likewise for B.

          Note: If you have multiple Tomcats on a single box, you will need to define distinct AJP ports for each Tomcat. And make sure your JK config (the channels portion) is pointing at the right AJP ports.