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    problem cluster/multicast

    ute Newbie


      we are using jboss-3.2.2_RC4, apache 2.047 on 2 linux machines rh9 in the same subnet.

      when setting up a cluster, the two linux m/c can only see each other in one cluster, when we set in cluster-service.xml the same ip address for the "autodiscovery address" and the "UDP mcast_addr". if we set 2 pairs of ip addresses (autodiscovery address is different from UDP mcast_addr) they don't see each other in one cluster!

      also when using the original configuration and changing only the partition name is not successful: the two m/c don't see each other in one cluster.

      can anybody tell us, why it works only when the two ip addresses are equal?

      thanx in advance,