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    binding management + jnpPort + rmiPort

    rouvi Newbie


      I use the Binding Management as described in the documentation (JBoss Administration and Development).

      In my file "binding-service.xml" I have the following configuration :

      <service-config name="jboss:service=Naming" delegateClass="org.jboss.services.binding.AttributeMappingDelegate"
      <delegate-config portName="RmiPort"/>

      <delegate-config portName="Port"/>


      If "RmiPort" comes first, the rmiPort is changed.
      If "Port" comes first, the jnpPort is changed.
      BUT IT'S NOT possible to change the two ports.

      Using one <service-config>...</service-config> for each port doesn't help.

      If I modify the ports in the file
      than all is OK.

      How can I change those ports using the Services Binding Management ?

      Thank you for your help.