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    clustering service MBeans

    peterskim Newbie

      I am trying to set up a JBoss 3.2.3 cluster whose members will each run several service MBeans (extensions of ServiceMBeanSupport). These services will need to be dynamically added/removed. In testing failover, I am testing the following scenario:

      1. Machine A starts with service X.
      2. Machine B starts with service X.
      3. Client requests RMI to service X via HA-JNDI (works).
      4. Machine A un-deploys service X.
      5. Client requests RMI to service X via HA-JNDI (*)

      The last step fails intermittently with a "service X is not registered" error, suggesting that the HA-JNDI is still resolving service X to both machines A and B, even though A no longer has the service deployed.

      Is this a supported scenario under JBoss clustering?