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    URGENT: Hundreds of Cluster Members

    Marcelo Klein Newbie

      I'm sorry but I have a new problem with the servers.
      I'm working in a devel team, and we're doing parallel programing so we need to disable the node discovery.
      I disabled multicast on win and linux machines, and we were using the HA Services.
      But a strange thing started to happen, and we're seeing many JBoss clusters in each machine.
      For example, we have 3 real nodes in jboss. but when someone starts up and down a server, the number of nodes in partition starts to grow exponentially. What could this be?
      We are using 3.2.3 and trying to get back to 3.2.2.
      If any shuts the server down, and up again, and there is no other server up, does not change anithing.
      Here's an example:

      17:12:15,910 INFO [DefaultPartition] Number of cluster members: 23
      17:12:15,910 INFO [DefaultPartition] Other members: 22
      17:12:15,973 INFO [ClusterPartition] Started ClusterPartition: DefaultPartition

      AND WE ONLY HAVE 3 MACHINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks a lot.