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    Jboss 3.2.3 better than 3.2.2 for clustering?

    Kevin Newbie

      We are using 3.2.2 right now for cluster test setups. Does 3.2.3 add anything specific for clustering that we should upgrade to it now that it is stable? I think a newer version of JGroups came out, so not sure if 3.2.3 adds that, as well as may fix any bugs found in 3.2.2?

      On that note, has hot-redeploy been fixed? I know dropping an app in 3.2.2 beta (before it was ready for production) would deploy the apps on all nodes, but redeployment didn't work. We had to delete a file from one server node so that it was deleted on all other nodes, then deploy it again, and even that was faulty. So is all this fixed now in 3.2.2 final or 3.2.3 final?