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    Renaming 'defaultPartition' to 'MyPartition'

    Yaron Rosenbaum Newbie

      I've been working with the 'jboss clustering' document, and I have to say that it's a bit basic.

      I am trying to utalize the HA features of JBoss for my application.
      As I understand it, I need to run the 'all' configuration on two machines, and that's a cluster.
      Now, I want to rename the cluster from 'defaultPartition' to 'MyPartition'.
      I tried to do it by replacing that string in all the relevant xml files, and got a million errors.
      The documentation (jboss clustering) only talks about it in the context of 'Clustering MBean' (page 22) and HA-JNDI (page 27, which got me completley lost).

      Any help would be highly appreciated.