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    callMethodOnCluster problem

    Marcelo Klein Newbie

      Hi, I'm using JBoss 3.2.2 and using the HA services like RPC-Calls.
      Currently, I have a problem that I can't solve on my own.

      I'm calling the callMethodOnCluster in my partition (here's the code):

      ArrayList results = partition.callMethodOnCluster("AllMatchingEngines", "placeInformationRequest", args, false);

      then I debug the server, and the other nodes do the processing and return (in the placeInformationRequest method) an object that is serializable.

      The problem is that the caller of the "callMethod..." only receives null on the ArrayList.
      How come the other servers send (and I checked this) an Object, and the caller receives nulls?
      Am I using it wrong?