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    How to do session replication in Jboss clustering

    praveenkushwaha Newbie


      "praveenkushwaha" wrote:

      i had clustered 2 jboss3.2.2 servers on linux(7.3) machines. I m using Apache 1.3.27 and Mod_jk connector for Load Balancing.
      My problem is that , i hac succeced in load balacing of my application , but when, i shut down one of my Jboss , The application again comes to login page of my application .
      This means session is not being shared.
      i had already made changes in Jboss.xml and web.xml of my application
      (clustered tag and Cluster-config tag)
      I am using mod_jk connector , and a workers.properties for that

      if anybody had done session sharing of his application in clustering
      then he can suggest me where i am wrong or what changes i had to make in my configuration.

      also tell me whether it is possible to have a session sharing with mod_jk
      or i had to go for mod_jk2

      plz reply at earliest ,

      thanx in advance