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      "ravisgowda" wrote:
      "ravisgowda" wrote:
      Hi Juha,

      Let me first introduced myself, I am Tajinder Singh, woking in one of the sofware services company in india.

      Got your reference from JBOSS.Org,

      We have the following scenario,

      6 HP-UX Machine, with jboss-3.2.2 and jdk1.4.

      All the machines are in same partition. we have following lines written in the logs of all the servers

      2004-01-24 03:31:51,099 INFO [org.jboss.ha.framework.interfaces.HAPartition.MY_PARTITION] Suspected member: SERVER6:55960]

      2004-01-24 03:31:51,086 INFO [org.jboss.ha.framework.interfaces.HAPartition.MY_PARTITION] Suspected member: SERVER6:59030]

      2004-01-24 04:33:07,237 DEBUG [org.javagroups.MY_PARTITION] [Sat Jan 24 04:33:07 GMT+14:00 2004] [ERROR] UDP.sendUdpMessage(): exception sending ucast message: java.io.IOException: No such file or directory

      2004-01-24 04:33:11,390 DEBUG [org.javagroups.MY_PARTITION] [Sat Jan 24 04:33:11 GMT+14:00 2004] [ERROR] CoordGmsImpl.handleLeave(): mbr SERVER6:54907 is not a member !]

      Could you please tell me why this occur's, Why and in what scenario we have suspected member in the partition.

      Looking forward to hear from your side.

      Best Regards

      Tajinder Singh