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    Do I need Clustering at all?

    Bentzy Sagiv Newbie


      My setup includes one apache, jk, and many jboss-tomcat.
      The load balancing is performed by jk.
      My beans are always called by a servlet.
      Due to my special needs, my application doesn't use session replication.
      Session data is keeped at an entity bean that I know how to reach via a param sent by the http client.

      Do I need Clustering at all?
      Please help me understand.


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          Greg Newbie

          You'll need to review using the "all" jboss configuration instead of the "default" configuration (if you're not already doing so).

          If you're using the "the appserver owns the DB" caching policy (policy A??), you'll need to ensure that your entity caches are sync'ed.

          Jboss has made this pretty easy to do, but you'll need to configure a few things in the various xml files -- described in the pay-for doco.

          I believe that using the "appserver owns the DB" caching policy may offer the best performance -- if you can live with it's limitations.