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    theone Newbie

      I am trying to get 'hold' of 'DistributedMap', stroe some application level data into it and make it available across the cluster.(Jboss-3.0.8)

      1. Facing problem in looking up the service. I got a code written by Scott from google, and tried to run a part of it. Its a simple lookup.
      (The server is running in clustered mode)

      InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
      String jndiName = "/HAPartition/" + "DefaultPartition";
      ------->HAPartition partition = (HAPartition) ctx.lookup(jndiName);
      DistributedMap entryMap = partition.getDistributedMapService();

      How ever i get a classcast exception at the --------> line

      Do i have to do domething extra to get this running
      2. I f i get hold of DistributedMap, where I can find methods to retrieve/put objects into it.

      3. Is DistributedMap gonna take care of repllication of changed values across the cluster.

      Excuse me for an array of quesitons, but i am not able to get good resource on this.



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          theone Newbie

          Hey Sach,

          Out for a holiday??


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            marc fleury Master

            hi theone,

            sacha is not on holliday, he is busy with sales in EU and most of the staff is in training/support. So we answer the free forums whenever we can.

            If you really need to grab our attention for a serious problem in prod or development the best way is to get a support contract with us.

            I don't mean to sound salesy but we do what we can to help for free, working on our schedules. Working on your schedule == dollars

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              Nicholas Whitehead Novice

              Eh... its been a while since I worked on 3.0.x, so I am not sure if this is applicable:

              It would be simpler to just make a JMX call to the DistributedState MBean and call the set(String category, String name, Serializable serializable).

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                theone Newbie

                Hey Nick thanks a lot.

                Marc, that was a friendly nudge to Sacha. I know that it is dificult to get a share of time from YUR schedule(Which probabaly you dont have much )....but that is what i can rely upon as the other option of "Dollars" is not feasible with me (Coz i dont have that much :-)......