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      In the doco, we talk about 2 dispatchers : 1 in the RMI layer and 1 in the JNDI layer, why 2 dispatchers ?
      When the stub is downloaded by the RMI client, the downloaded code is not really a stub but a proxy, this proxy could connect to node1 or node2, ... Am I right ?
      How this RMI feature is activated ? Is this the cluster-service.xml ? I find no entry about RMI in this file :(
      ABout Jndi-ha, how could I disable this feature, when i don't put the HANamingService in my cluster-service.xml, the server crashes :(
      If Jndi-ha is activated, i can't bind my EJBs, is this a context problem ? (ha-jndi port)

      Thank you !!