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    Running multiple instances of an app on the same JBOSS insta

    Nischala Kale Newbie

      Our application is based heavily on SQL commands that have been precompiled using SQLJ. The database is DB2. We have a single EJB, and all our compiled code goes into one jar file, which we are able to deploy successfully using JBoss.

      The problem is that the SQL gets executed against different regions in DB2 ie., say we have 3 DB2 regions - so now we have 3 sets of compiled SQLJ code.
      Till now, the only way we were able to deploy our application is by making 3 separate installations of JBOSS on the same machine, and deploying one set of compiled jar file on each. So depending on which region a user wants to go to, they are directed to that installation.

      Is there a more elegant solution than this? I know that in Weblogic, we can use domains, so that there can be just one installation of the Server, and multiple instances of the applications run on the different domains.

      Is there a way of accomplishing this with JBOSS?