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    Is HTTP Session Replication in 3.2.3 slower than 3.2.1 ?

    John Tsimikas Newbie

      It seems like the HTTP session replication is a lot slower with 3.2.3 versus 3.2.1.

      By default, TomCat appears to be handling the session replication in 3.2.3, whereas it used to be Jetty in 3.2.1

      There seems to be a very noticeable difference in speed.

      Also in 3.2.1 I could select from 2 Replication Stores, but w/ 3.2.3 I haven't been able to find the appropriate place to change the HTTP Replication Store.

      Can anyone help? Am I missing something.

      There used to be a filed called jboss-service.xml a few levels beneath the "jbossweb.sar" directory, but this no longer exists.

      The only comparable thing I could find is a file under jbossweb-tomcat41.sar in 3.2.3.